Tanya Golitsina

Dancing since she was 3, and teaching since 16, Tanya have always dreamed to make it ‘her way’. She started with ballet and gymnastics and tried almost every possible dance type, learned from many teachers from all over the world, and taught in different countries – seeing all the advantages and weaknesses, she formed a very clear vision of how should the best Studio look & feel like.

The Studio of her vision had a soul, and was much more than just dance studio. It should have been a place, where every member would feel relief from everyday routine, stress & personal problems. Place that would lead people to a deep Transformation – mental, spiritual & physical.

At very early age she got sports injury and as she grew up adopted a ‘healthy’ perspective to any kind of discipline that she taught: her Pilates, Belly Dance, Body Shaping classes all have a healing pattern – spinal & joint stability, the accent is on injury free techniques & general wellness improving.

Trying many different dance kinds & fitness activities she chose to focus on Pilates that was initially developed to help professional sportsmen and ballet dancers to recover after injuries, and Belly Dance, which in her opinion is the ‘healthiest’ dance type that also helps people to free themselves spiritually.

Tanya is certified Pilates & Personal trainer, experienced dance teacher, and had given many Self Development workshops in China and Abroad such as Office Fitness, NLP, Dealing With Stress  Techniques, etc` in various places and corporations, including Hewlett Packard China.

Since she arrived to China in 2006, she have performed & taught in various studios and gyms, had her own TV show on CDTV, and in 2013 realized that the time to do it Her Way has come!

Together with her close friend that shared the same values and visions, she established Magical Transformation Studio (MT Studio), where every single design element, every choice (from trainers to management strategy) is done with Love, Soul and Care about the members.

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