Meditation Workshop

As a summary of 2014 and to set new paths and intentions for 2015 we held a spiritual workshop Meet Your True Self: a Simple Introduction to Meditation for beginners.

This workshop was for those who wanted to implement relaxation techniques into their everyday lives and find inner balance and strength in our sometimes overwhelming life pace.


Well-being at Workplace

On March 29, 2015 MT Studio presented “Well-being at work with Pilates” workshop in collaboration with ZenIt that was dedicated to staying well during and after work day with main focus on posture. It was first in series of Wellness at Work and Office Fitness workshops.

The workshop was divided into two parts: educational talk and Pilates session.

Сачак (Ламперия) от ЕМСИЕН-3
Дървени талпиталпи от ЕМСИЕН-3

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